Civil Technical Division Calling

The Civil Technical Division of GhIE will meet on 26th of April 2018 to fulfill a constitutional mandate of the Institution to organize its operational committee. The positions to be occupied are Vice Chairman and Secretary, which members will be allowed to nominate and vote for candidates. In addition, there should be Occupational Groups Reps – Professional Engineer, Technologist, Technician and Craftsmen. The various groups will nominate and vote for their reps. Lastly, the subgroups under the division, will nominate a member to serve on the committee.

The meeting will be proceeded by Some Technical sessions.

Thank you.

Business Arrangement

Time: 5pm prompt

Venue: Engineers Centre, Roman Ridge, Accra


  1. Opening
  2. Brief Remarks from Chairman
  3. Technical Session
  4. Nomination and Vote for Vice Chair
  5. Nomination and Vote for Secretary
  6. Nomination and Vote for Occupational Group Reps
  7. Subgroup Caucus meeting to nominate Rep
  8. Closing

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